Mercedes SLS AMG by MEC Design

Mercedes SLS AMG by MEC Design

MEC Design leaves its mark on the new Mercedes SLS AMG . Some say this is the perfect supercar, while others - such as those from MEC Design for example, would suggest that a lot of work to reach this status. One thing is certain. Regardless of which side of the fence you are, the new AMG Mercedes SLS - because it is about him, knows how to make note: classical forms and modern touches, of course, gullwing doors.

New and available in a version without the roof, AMG Mercedes SLS has created a craze in the world of supercars. The same feeling was soon swept by tuning the known universe, company after company, leaving its mark on the exciting model from Stuttgart. Even before it is available on the market.

Although MEC Design is not the first experience with the new AMG Mercedes SLS, it can tell that this is one of the most successful. Or at least so it appears in innumerable photographs provided by the German tuner. Developed specifically to add an extra dose of aggression, the new list of goodies includes spicy as the front bumper extension, rear bumper diffuser included side skirts, roof air intake and two ailerons - one roof, one for the trunk.

And that's not all. Those who want more and so are invited to opt for LEDs positioned at the front bumper or side skirts, rear diffuser, while only a little is available in three versions - Extreme or Formula GT3. For the most exquisite yarns from MEC Design Germans are ready to deliver most of the components in a blend of carbon fiber. Add a new set of wheels, measuring 20 inches front and 21 on the back and outer package is complete. In addition, prospective customers can opt for the system with four exhaust silencers, plus hydraulic suspension - which lowers the climb or up to 30 and 70 mm

Neither has not escaped inside, impressive cockpit AMG Mercedes SLS is accessorised with combined Alcantara steering wheel / carbon fiber, special floor mats and carbon fiber accents placed in the shift paddles, thresholds, center console, doors and more. Also, the trunk boasts Alcantara inserts, together with contrasting thread and logo design Germans from MEC.


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