Rarity of birds in the world: A baby was born white Kiwi bird in New Zealand

Rarity of birds in the world: A baby was born white Kiwi bird in New Zealand

A baby white kiwi bird, considered a rarity, was born in New Zealand, the most fertile season Complementing the inauguration of a sanctuary to protect the iconic species for the southern hemisphere, announced on Friday, sources from Ministry of Environment New Zealand.

Cub, a male named Manukura an official in the Maori name, was born on 1 May, Pukaha shrine north of the capital Wellington.

"To our knowledge, this is the first white baby born in captivity, " said Bob Francis, Director Pukaha sanctuary.

Kiwi birds are usually brown plumage, but the chicken in question belongs to a group of individuals who have genetically white spots on their feathers, opening the possibility that one of their offspring to be born completely white. Bob Francis also stated that Manukura is not albino.

This year, 14 kiwi chicks were born in Pukaha reserve. Between 2005 - 2010 were born, on average, only two chicks per year.

Logo of the New Zealand kiwi bird atypical, endowed with a long beak and can not fly, is threatened with extinction because of predators such as dogs, cats, rats and weasels. Currently in New Zealand only 70,000 live kiwi bird and several subspecies are endangered.

In Pukaha sanctuary, established in 2001, guards have traps installed to limit the number of predators, kiwi and each egg is placed at the shelter in a "nursery" specially arranged.

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