Pippa Middleton has shown that sport

Pippa Middleton has shown that sport. See how much time he completed a 5,000 m race

Despite the high temperature, Pippa Middleton won a well-deserved medal after he completed a 5,000 m race in the triathlon competition, which takes place every year at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire.

Kate's younger sister teamed up with two friends, she opted for the 5,000 m race and test the boys swimming and cycling of the competition, according to Daily Mail.

Clad in a sports suit and a matching pair of Bulgari sunglasses 300 euro, Pippa has demonstrated that it has lost none of her athletic training. The star finished the race in 25 minutes and 30 seconds.

According to his friends, Pippa trained daily for this event.

The event drew 6,000 spectators, and people were excited to see her sister the Duchess of Cambrigde said Alex Coulson, one of the organizer.

The two bytes of the team have finished their races Pippi in time and managed to reach their teammate to pass the finish line together.


Pippa Middleton is known as a sports enthusiast. From Marlborough and to the University of Edinburgh, she played hockey and tennis and, like her sister Lucrezia daily to maintain tone.

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