Soil Fertilization part 3

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I arrange them like arms extirpatorului ralului Slavonic nemţeşti arms are not as good for nothing.

Work fast and cheap with extirpatorul Plugusorul and gives me the opportunity, during May, June and July to clean the soil of weeds and to prepare for sowing. Plowing gets me is the ideal clean and free of boulders.

Semănătoarele can work for an ideal place such plowing, each grain falls on the surface untouched by the plow and rises without rain.

It should be pointed out at work too îmburuienate areas as weeds cut at the neck root (the most sensitive site) is not able to give new shoots to flourish.

Therefore, as soon as the first shoots appear, must go with the plow or extirpatorul field.

A bad manager, leaving this for tomorrow, and will never field weed free, because they after wound healing and restoring forces are growing very well, particularly because of the abundance of nutrients provided by shallow plowing.

As shown, the work costs less and it works extremely remarkable. At work after the new system, farmers are beyond the range of recommendations mandatory for devotees deep plowing.

For example, it can be achieved over pastures known, whether lined with weeds, it should be kept away from turning it into dust and, finally, when pasture is already being worked and cleaned, you still can not planting as necessary as plowing to sit properly, because otherwise it will destroy the fine roots of winter crops.

But this logic should be silent because deep plowing is a sacred thing which can not be insulted.

Field. The field work I'm strictly run by two rules:

1) weeds to be destroyed immediately and return their

2) to be placed loose by heavy harrow area, and thereby restored her breathing capacity.

In one such work, gives me these soil grain giant, which arouse surprise anyone sees them.

Fallow fields in 1896 were very strong îmburuienate. Such an abundance of weeds in my life I have met, and probably will not meet again.

Summer has been rainy, the ground was constantly wet. I had to choose it (4-5 cm) soil wet for me to get rid of weeds or to give them the opportunity to grow and better.

Willy-nilly, we Aram wet soil and weeds have permanently destroyed, but their roots in soil adhering to small lumps which have formed or strengthened many because of the drought that was installed later.

Here I came to help with the roller pins (an oak trunk that were fixed pivot at each 6 cm long and circular), rocks were crushed and fields sown with ordinary seeder.

After plowing furrows to plow with three uneven fields often reveal the moist soil below the surface hardens to form lumps.

In such cases, while the little plow, and harrow start, which prevents the formation of lumps. But when the field surface leveled, which is a prerequisite, then the little plow, plowing at two inches, does not create lumps.

The question I will not examine the incorporation of manure as deep plowing and followers regard as axiomatic the need for its incorporation at shallow depths.

If, when using green manure is sometimes necessary to deepen the plow a little harder, then this appears as a necessary evil, which is reduced by cutting the plants sown as fertilizer.

Often preclude the need for incorporation of fertilizers, for example, if the carpet of clover, rarely used here, regardless of the fact that this is an excellent source of soil enrichment.

Cylinder is decomposed manure păios weak after incorporation. This is one of the rare cases when using the roller.


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