Consumption of red meat can cause cancer

Consumption of red meat can cause cancer


Consumption of red meat can cause cancer. How much meat we must eat to not get sick. Experts who study cancer have issued a new warning for consuml of red meat and processed. World Foundation for Research on Cancer (World Cancer Research Fund) advises people to limit consumption of red meat such as beef, pork and lamb and avoid processed products such as ham and salami.

Were found convincing evidence that the meat they increase the risk of developing bowel cancer, which means that people should reduce the quantity of such meat they consume, says

Foundation began in 2007 a ​​comprehensive debate and published a study that identified meat as a risk factor for various cancers.

Experts recommend limiting consumption of red meat to 500 grams per week (weight after cooking) - equivalent to five or six servings medium roast beef, lamb or pork - and avoid processed meat.

Around 36,000 Britons ill with bowel cancer each year and 16,500 die from the disease. Intestinal cancer type of cancer is highest mortality rate in the UK, after lung cancer. Approximately 17,000 illnesses (43%) could be prevented if people would eat less red meat and more fiber, if they drink less and make sport, say researchers.

Thus, people who eat more than 90 grams of red meat per day should reduce the quantity to 70 grams, which is three slices of bacon or two beef burgers. It also recommends eating foods that contain fiber such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Milk, garlic and food supplements containing calcium may reduce the risk of disease, experts say.

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