A Russian official

A Russian official asks U.S. to abandon missile shield project in Eastern Europe


A senior Russian official Tuesday urged the U.S. to "immediately abandon" anti-missile shield project in Eastern Europe, on the grounds that "undermines " confidence building between Moscow and Washington, as well as between Russia and NATO.

"It should be immediately abandoned the project of creating the future of missile defense systems" American in Europe, said Chairman of the Lower House Foreign Affairs of the Russian Parliament (Duma), Konstantin Kosacev, quoted by Itar-Tass aenţia.

"These systems do not threaten Russia, because they are weapons designed to meet specific short-range missiles and medium action, which Russia does not possess, " said Kosacev.

"But some initiatives such as these undermine the confidence building process between Russia and the United States and between Russia and NATO, " he added.

United States and Warsaw have signed a protocol in July 2010 reflected an agreement by Poland to host part of future U.S. missile defense shield in Europe that displeases Moscow.

A new stage was reached on 3 May with the signing of an agreement between the United States and Romania for the future deployment of missile shield elements in this country.

Moscow, which requires Washington to engage in this project, asked at least guarantees that these plants do not pose a threat to its nuclear deterrent potential.

United States in September 2009 overthrew the first missile shield project, developed by George W. Bush administration, which has generated discontent Russia, and announced a new version, less controversial, but many disagreements persist.

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