Mercedes ML

Mercedes ML


HOT: The new Mercedes ML for the first time we show

After more than five years, during which time he was gone, and through a minor facelift, the popular Mercedes ML is preparing to receive a new generation. The official start date at the moment remains a mystery, but the German made ​​his first public appearance today.

About the future of Mercedes ML have not heard too much official information, the situation is about to change. Thanks to the German magazine Motor Talk, today we know the next generation of the popular SUV in Stuttgart. And as can be seen in these photos scanned, the future will take up his new Mercedes ML line of the German manufacturer's design, which is distinguished mainly by a nearly vertical positioned front grille. Also, both bumpers front and rear lights and have been completely redesigned, the new menu is complemented by a panoramic sunroof. But that's not all. The most important changes will be found in the interior, where prospective passengers will be served with modern lines and shapes, plus the highest quality materials.

Formal submission at this time remains a mystery, but the new Mercedes ML could start in autumn this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011.

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Mercedes ML

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