capsule of cabbage soup

Amalia`s question ! - Capsule of cabbage soup for fat loss

good I want to know if anyone tried slimming capsule of cabbage soup, supposedly do wonders. I 32, 1.64 and 76 kg. I want to lose about 15 pounds and I do not know what to do. I tried everything and I can say that I have problems with thyroid. Please if you know anything give me advice.


Try Aloe ferox is great inhibiting appetite and an excellent laxative.

Answer 2

is good and you've tried ? I heard the capsule of cabbage soup as it would do wonders, a pill = 4 servings of soup

Answer 3

Dear Amalia let this shit capsules Cabbage Soup or want to give the stuff. Just do not think that will give you energy and you need to lose weight ...... So you should not starve but to eat that is to be healthy food at fixed times and divided into small portions, at least three meals with two snacks between 1.5 and water or tea all day can be green tea or regular hay, lime, chamomile, etc. that you put honey and slice of lemon. only two slices of toast in the morning the day without bread, salads, grilled steaks, vegetables, fish and fruit as snacks or yogurt one mixed with grains and fruits fittnes evening after consuming at no longer than 6-7 water or tea. increase in weight loss attempts a week at first and then weigh yourself more than 7 days and see if it works without frozen sweets and fast food.

Feel Free to give the right answer (if these are not enough or bad)


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