Ten people poisoned with E coli in France

Ten people poisoned with E. coli in France because of the seeds germinated

Germinated seeds are the source of food poisoning bacteria E. coli that hit with ten people in Bordeaux, in southwestern France, where five people were still hospitalized on Friday announced the Regional Health Agency.

"The first bacteriological allowed, in addition, determining the presence, in two patients, an infection with E. coli that produces Shiga toxin, strain O104, a strain that was found in the epidemic in Germany," according autortăţilor health.

Epidemic in Germany relating to a germinated seed poisoning, resulted in 43 deaths in Europe.

The origin of contamination in France, although the seeds germinated, and in two patients, found the same strain as in Germany, is not yet clearly established.

The only certainty on Friday was that seven out of ten people attended intoxicated at Bordeaux on 8 June at a party in Begles, a neighboring city, an entertainment center where they spent six of germinated seeds were health authorities announced in the Aquitaine region.

"The results of epidemiological investigations conducted by the Institute of Cell Sanitary Surveillance in the region, in collaboration with the Regional Health Aquitaine, allowed to determine that seven of them attended the Children's Recreation Center in Begles on 8 June, in a end of year school parties, "says a release of health authorities.

At least six of these people have used germinated seeds sprinkled over soups, according to the same sources.

Currently, investigations are to determine the origin of the seeds that caused the poisoning. 

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