Computer and monitor problem

Computer & monitor problem

Problem reported !



     2 days ago I had a percent of current source and was burned, so I thought at first, turn on the computer and the monitor remains black and green light flashes.

     We have the following configuration

     Motherboard - Socket 775 2 x ram Gygabite etc. I do not know exact model is a little older.

     Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo E6600

     Memory - 2 GB DDR2 800

     video card - Asus 9600 GT

     HDD - WD 160GB

     Optical Drive - ASUS

     Source - Raidmax 500W

     I changed today with a source of 500W raidmax (specify the source that was burned all the Thermaltake 500W) and the same problem.

     I took a friend and I changed elimination on all but the motherboard (power, memory, HDD, DVDRW, graphics card) and nothing same problem, I looked closely at the motherboard and no capacitor is shot.

     I really do not know where the problem is (ps: I tried the monitor on another computer and works perfectly)

     Please help me!

Answers reported !

Motherboard has some protections something (not specialized) that can burn is not necessarily to swell capacitors. Look through the CPU after burning / burned parts (I had stuff 2 feet square-burned)

Feel Free to give the right answer (if these are not enough or bad)

Enjoy ! Enjoy !


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