Video card artefacts

Problems gameplay (graphics mixed, pure art)

     Hello! I have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi 1536 with an ATI Radeon Mobility X1400. I have a small problem. When I play something, after a few seconds, all the graphics start to mingle and become impossible to watch. I will give two examples:

     1. Minecraft - To play normally have to keep everything on Low. (All = All). Distances must bear due to fog visual TINY. When I try to go on Far or at least on Normal. Just look at the screenshot attached.

     2. Cataclysm World of Warcraft - All the settings on LOW and World of Warcraft game. All goes relatively well until they by some cities populated by Mobi. The densely populated capitals of player do not even say (Orgrimmar).

     The only word for this "artistic beauty" is Glitch. I do not know what is in dilemma. This laptop, if you look on Google it is pretty good. The only problem is the video card. But they can not replace, I heard it would be stuck on the motherboard

     So expect some tips

     1. It is the drivers. I tried many variations, the same result

     2. The laptop is not heating, cooling I support, I did a ventilation system with 3 fanuri NOTHING. Same result.

Here is images with problem

Answers posted !

I met the same event at a board I had a few years ago. It was a Radeon 9550. Disappear / reappear polygons (whole sections of buildings, etc.) in games like BF1942, and often end up displaying only polygons that radiated from the center of the screen and do not come back without having to restart the game. It was replaced under warranty by dealer, was harder to prove fault in the store to accept me (those were their test methods, which involved games in which the defect was obvious).

upperplace admin answer !

The video card is broken and have artefacts can do nothing...change laptop or video card (if is posible)

Feel Free to give the right answer (if these are not enough or bad)

Enjoy ! Enjoy !


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