Audi R8 in miniature

Audi R8 in miniature

The new Project Kahn TR8 is a Audi R8 in miniature. The idea to transform the current Audi TT in a mini-R8 is not exactly new, and the results obtained so far can not be seen exactly ... encouraging. Even so, these little details have not stopped by Afzal Kahn of baking something special.

Named TR8, the latest creation of the Project Kahn reveals his name since the whole secret. Draft British company edits and spoilers front and back of the Audi R8, the side panels enriched list of items needed for the public to confuse your little impressive TT supercar from Ingolstadt. The list of goodies continues with an extension to the front finished in a contrasting silver, the menu was successfully completed by the appearance of a trunk spoiler and an exhaust system with four silencers.


Finally, the new Audi TR8 also received a pair of RSV on 20-inch wheels, plus a set of sport springs, British Kahn from Project ready to intervene, if necessary, and the interior. Mechanical changes are missing completely, so we are not dealing with any V8 or V10 engine under the hood.


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