A new volcanic eruption in Iceland

A new volcanic eruption in Iceland

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Update News 23 May 07:00 >Read >> (france , spain and scotland will be  affected )

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A new volcanic eruption in Iceland. Icelandic airspace was closed. Icelandic airspace was closed temporarily on Sunday morning because Grimsvoetn eruption, the most active in the country, which triggered a huge cloud of smoke, airport authorities announced (Isavia).

"Keflavik Airport, our main international airport is closed. The airspace is closed, "he told AFP spokeswoman Esau Hjordis Gudmundsdottir, shortly before 09.00 GMT (12.00 GMT).

This measure would be valid, at least in the next hours, "according to spokeswoman, who said that a new announcement will be made ​​at 12.00 GMT (15.00 GMT).

Grimsvoetn volcano, located in Vatnajoekull glacier in southeast Iceland, came erupting Saturday, according to the Icelandic Meteorological Institute. Grimsvoetn is the most active volcano in the country, with nine eruptions in the period 1922-2004.

The eruption generated a huge cloud of smoke Sunday at about 08.00 GMT (11.00 GMT) was at an altitude of "at least 17 miles, maybe a little more, "says Einar Kjartansson, geophysicist at the Institute of Meteorology .

Saturday evening, the cloud had risen to nearly 20 miles, according to the institute.

Eruption unlikely to disrupt international air traffic


Grimsvoetn eruption should not disrupt air traffic, as happened in 2010 when the volcano Eyjafjöll, said Sunday a specialist of the Icelandic Meteorological Institute.

"I do not think will have the same effect as Eyjafjoell, because ash is just fine, " said geophysicist Gunnar Gudmundsson AFP.

"I do not think that will have many effects on international flights, or that will result in closure of some airports abroad," he added, saying that domestic traffic would be disrupted.


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