Air traffic was disrupted in northern Europe

Hot info 24 May 07:39 

Air traffic was disrupted in northern Europe due to volcano ash cloud Iceland. What flights were canceled

Ash released into the atmosphere Grímsvötn Icelandic volcano caused the first disturbance of the air traffic from northern Europe, although volcanic activity has decreased during the day Monday.

UK regulatory authority of air traffic, NATS, has announced that the cloud could reach the area of Scotland since the night of Monday to Tuesday, which prompted U.S. President Barack Obama to leave earlier from Ireland to London.

"Given the forecast that indicates the presence of significant amounts of volcanic ash in Scottish airspace, company British Airways has decided as a precautionary measure, to suspend air links with Scotland until 14.00 local time (1600 GMT).


And the Dutch company KLM canceled 16 flights between Amsterdam and northern Great Britain, after the company suspended 36 cargo Loganair flights scheduled on Monday evening and Tuesday morning, mostly domestic flights in Scotland, but also to Birmingham and Belfast. In turn, companies Aer Lingus and Easyjet have suspended flights to Scotland and northern England.

European air safety organization Eurocontrol held that not expect any closure of the airspace on Tuesday, even though the cloud of volcanic ash will affect a part of Europe. Cloud could arrive in France and northern Spain Thursday, where they will maintain the intensity of volcanic emissions.

Grímsvötn volcano, the most active in Iceland, started erupting on Saturday, the cloud of smoke rising in the early hours, up to a height of about 20 km.


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