BMW 6 Series Convertible

BMW 6 Series Convertible

BMW 6 Series Convertible by Kelleners Sport - same flavor, more power. Unlike other cars, the new BMW 6 Series Convertible is not needed aesthetic changes. Carefully shaped lines and shapes make an appearance in the Bavarian car hard to overlook, the only improvements that will not "disturb" the taste of anyone and will be represented by those operated under the hood.

Although it will share the same flavor as the standard version - which is not exactly a bad thing, the new BMW 6 Series Convertible by Kelleners Sport boasts a well guarded secret. Under the hood, the engine's eight-cylinder twin turbo 650i model was visited by German engineers, the number of horses going up as if by magic power of 407-490. The same can be said about torque, which now include not less than 720 Nm. Performance currently remains a mystery, but we can be sure that the sensations experienced at the wheel of this impressive creations will be more than exciting.

But that's not all. For one thing betrays the intervention of the Kelleners Sport, namely the new wheels available as 19, and the 20 inches. Moreover, the German company has left its mark in the interior by special floor mats and aluminum pedals, interested persons are invited to choose an aristocratic flavor and inserts of leather or wood accents. That's where the Bavarians offered by the BMW thank fully.


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