Honda Tuning: Meet the new-and-Extreme Concept CR-Z MUGEN RR!


Not long since the debut's hot hybrid Honda CR-Z by Mugen and Japanese tuner we prepared a new surprise us able to accelerate heartbeat. The first clues? Called CR-Z Concept MUGEN RR and is synonymous with the term "extreme".

If you are not familiar with the alluring by Mugen Honda CR-Z, we want to remind you that hot Japanese hybrid as electrifying his body houses no less than 200 horsepower and 245 Nm - values ​​obtained by gasoline engine turbocharging 1.5 liters. Unfortunately, if Far MUGEN RR Honda CR-Z Concept, magic numbers remain a mystery, but we tend to believe that there are less than those listed above.

However, by Mugen Honda CR-Z Honda CR-Z Concept MUGEN RR are distinguished by extremely important detail - the purpose in life. Specifically, the company's newest creation is the spirit of Japanese motorsport, vulgar wide-body kit is perfect proof that we support this claim. But to see what we are doing. If the front, all eyes will be on the new bumper and splitter equipped with huge air intakes, the rear spoiler is almost impossible to miss huge, accompanied by a new bumper with centrally-mounted exhaust diffuser included. Moreover, the wings to create a huge destructive impact, side sills have been redesigned and ultra-light wheels with unique design, giving the final grade. As can be seen in the two official photos, Far MUGEN RR Honda CR-Z concept lacks either carbon fiber inserts.

Unfortunately, as the name suggests, the Japanese tuner impressive creation is nothing more than a simple concept. At least at this moment ... 

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