Japan's nuclear crisis, worse than originally thought

Japan's nuclear crisis, worse than originally thought. Authorities are disturbing new public information


Japanese authorities released this week, with more than worrying about the nuclear crisis admitted earlier, the Government, speaking to over 1,600 workers exposed to radiation as possible immediately after the catastrophe.

According to the Washington Times, over 1,600 workers could be exposed to dangerous radiation levels during the first weeks after the earthquake on 11 March, followed by a tsunami, which damaged the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, according to a government report, completed in April.

The Ministry of Agriculture announced that at least 2,900 cattle have consumed the contaminated rice straw with radioactive isotopes over the legal limit allowed. Thus, thousands of consumers throughout Japan asking if ingested particles that cause cancer. In addition, they have posted online maps with traces of radioactive fallout cesium and iodine, from a "nuclear cloud" that was on 15 March over Tokyo area inhabited by about 40 million people.

The new information presents a troubling scenario than those previously made ​​public in March and April, the government officials who tended to minimize or not to disclose bad news to calm the public.

Many foreign residents are asking on forums, if safe to remain in Japan. Also, many Japanese are increasingly concerned about how the government has acted during the crisis and are concerned about the spread of radioactive particles.

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