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Question ! - > Problem no post PC

To begin with the beginning


I have (or had ..) the following configuration:

gigabyte 890GPA-UD3H

Phenom 2 B55

4GB DDR3 Dominator 1600

highpower source 580w

Gainward 8600 GTS video card

HDDs 2 pcs, DWD-RW and other weed d-this

problem is as follows.

I moved, I unpacked the computer, I installed, started, everything ok. I was not in it and went with the video card integrated.

I put the video card and started to give blue screen sites, about a few minutes after starting.

I said that does not suit the video card. I took it out and I restarted. has not posted anything on the screen. Once I opened it and saw that the vent on your finger starts proc. I gave in the Shutdown button, and I tried once. still no sign.

Only now did not even stop the power button down long, only source.

not get any sound.

does not display anything.

My opinion: I think because the vent does not revolve appears blue screens -> can lead the proc. but the motherboard does not have to be protection for overheating? or source?

can be: mb, proc .. or else.

can most experienced of you have an opinion endorsed ...

Thank you in advance

Answer ! - > Ok chill out !

put a reset BIOS and disable onboard video card you put on the new, and it is recommended to reinstall clean win when adding a new component, the processors are very hard damage

Admin answer

Yes a reset i think will solve this problem ! ..if you dont know to reset bios from jumper , then remove battery for 1 min , then remove RAM and start computer.

You must hear some bip`s ....anyway keep pressed power button till computers is shutting down.

Put battery and RAM back and now start computer normaly, enter in bios and press f10 to save. (or maybe you need to make some changes in bios if you know what you doing)

Done !

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