Vertebral discs synthetic

Vertebral discs synthetic possible solution for back pain


Synthetic spinal discs manufactured in the laboratory over 10 years could be an effective solution for back pain, according to a study by researchers at Cornell University in New York.

These discs 'live' are lined with cells capable of absorbing shocks and, within the first test, when they were implanted, behaved like natural circular rings in the backbone

So far, they have been tested only on animals, using cells harvested from sheep, but American researchers consider that this method will be used soon in humans.

Lawrence Bonassar doctor, an expert in biomedical engineering, believes that the first tests in humans could start over about 10 years, when technology using human tissue will undergo a more extensive compared to the current period.

The number of Britons suffering backache has more than doubled in the last 40 years. Degenerative spinal disc disease, manifested by cartilage between the vertebrae spinal wear, affects most people over the age of 50 years.

In most severe cases, damaged discs are removed through a complicated operation and the vertebrae are "welded" together using rods, clamps and other devices to stabilize the column. But it takes several months convalescence and healing is never complete and satisfactory.

Researchers at Cornell University in New York have created some replacement discs for mice, lined with cells extracted from the backbones of some sheep. The artificial discs were a little thick compared to natural and when they were transplanted remained firmly between the vertebrae. They were quickly integrated into the backbone, allowing laboratory animals to walk, jump and run as if they were healthy.

U.S. researchers study has been published in medical journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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