An antibody highly effective against flu, discovered by American researchers

An antibody highly effective against flu, discovered by American researchers


A highly effective influenza antibody capable of neutralizing 30 of the 36 known strains of influenza virus was discovered by American researchers, according to a study published Monday that paves the way towards creating a universal flu vaccine.

British and Swiss experts in virology have announced recently that they have discovered an antibody, called F16, able to fight effectively against all viruses of type A flu outbreak in charge.

Their study was published in U.S. magazine Science.

The new antibody, named CH65, presented Monday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), acting on hemagglutinin, a protein on the surface of influenza virus, which allows it to bind to the cells they infect. Haemagglutinin mutates every year, forcing virologists to produce a new flu vaccine each season.

CH65 mimics a large number of sialic acid properties, natural haemagglutinin receiver, attaching the fragments of the virus haemagglutinin, forcing him to not mutate without infection and reduce the ability of human cells.

This study "shows that the human immune system is able to adapt its response to influenza and to produce, in fact, antibodies that can neutralize a group of virus strains," said Dr. Stephen Harrison, the Children's Hospital in Boston, the main author of the study.

"Creating a flu shot is today, a move that partly depends on luck," said U.S. same specialist.

'Vaccine using a virus (weakened) virus or a fragment, hoping the body's immune response will evolve in the right direction, but viruses such as influenza, which mutates rapidly, we want to achieve an effective response to lock the virus strain used in vaccine strains and the many associated with it, "said Harrison.

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