cooked 800 meals for children kindergarten to half a liter of oil

Blogger Adrian Hadean cooked 800 meals for children kindergarten to half a liter of oil


A blogger Cluj cooked 800 meals for children from a kindergarten in Cluj-Napoca using less than half a liter of oil, the experiment part of a program initiated by City Hall on healthy eating.

Professor Nicholas Hincu, honorary president of the Federation of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases, said Wednesday in a press conference that the experiment is campaigning to replace unhealthy food with food as tasty, but do not contain dyes, preservatives and other harmful substances.

Hadean blogger Adrian was able to cook 800 meals for children from a kindergarten in Cluj-Napoca, using less than half a liter of oil.

Food - soup, strudel, cookies - they were offered to children in several days.

"The project was started in November, when there was a kindergarten control specialists from Cluj, following which there were quite a few irregularities. One or two kindergartens were used in the menu crenvurştii and also had some irregularities to report refined sweets. Finally, now the site is almost ready, there can be found all recipes, and parents who do not know what to cook can find the appropriate menus. Our action is very well defined and represents a first Romania and the countries around us, "said Hincu.

Cluj doctor explained that the caloric intake of meals they consume a kindergarten child must be between 1,400 and 1,800 calories, but these items are only available if the kids are moving.

In turn, the blogger said Adi Hadean can eat very healthy and seven lei per day.

One secret is good organization but in the sense that chefs need to know in advance what they cook over a fairly long time, and then use this prediction for their benefit and they can negotiate the best prices.

He managed to compose 100 recipes that will be posted on a site where anyone can access.

"This way you can cook for 40 consecutive days without repeating the menu. Sometimes children do mischief, although the food is just as tasty as that which they like and I think we should do smart. Children are fool with stories to eat all kinds of unhealthy things. Then to tell stories to persuade to eat healthy. I managed to convince a child ready to give a portion of cheese with whole berries, though he clearly said that's not I like fruit, after I said that were collected dwarfs Snow White-like, "said Adi Hadean.

Mayor of Cluj-Napoca, Sorin Apostu, added that the program will include a series of demonstrations in which chefs will try recipes kindergarten Cluj composed by Adi Hadean.

"We demonstrated that in less than seven lions, children can be fed in the nursery with healthy recipes with a balanced number of calories. It is very important to promote this type of diet in kindergarten, because the most serious disease threaten the children is obesity. kindergartens will be monitored in the type of food, "said Sorin Apostu.

Nicholas Hâncu warned that at present nutritional and metabolic diseases, along with four non-communicable diseases - the cardio-vascular, cerebro-vascular, cancer and chronic lung disease - cause the greatest mortality in the world.

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