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Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Download Suite Sync to PC Laptop Notebook

For Windows 7 , Windows Vista , Windows XP 32 and 64 bits.


With PC Sync you can easily use you phone for messages (sms) or to save your contact list (phonebook) to pc/laptop/notebook/tablet/usb/cd/dvd/card or to make backup or simple for transfer music , photos, videos , movies, clips anything you want and you can do that if you download it from here or if not working download here .

Customers review after buy Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace Onyx

I had several Nokia phones before Symbian and the difference is very large in Android's favor. Now I think the Symbian operating system obsolete, though made ​​for children.

As the hardware what to say. You can read the specs on the site. Phone screen is superb and moves very well. And applications and games. What bothers me is the small amount of RAM that remain free even after the restart and closing almost all applications. Although it has 512 Mb RAM, I was never able to release more than 200-215, usually free between 60-130 which seems less. But I read on the net that will occur after Android 2.2 and it will fix the problem.

The battery you about a little, but I just finished to format and every day I was "on his" non-stop. And the net and etc applications.

Overall it's a superb phone. And I'm very happy with it. I sat between him and the thoughts Desire, but I believe the larger and clearer. And more powerful battery. And storage capacity included.

Pros:-the hardware (screen, processor, storage space)


Cons:-battery life

-small amount of free RAM

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