The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Patch 2.0 download

The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Patch 2.0 downloads


This patch is so great !! look here what can do !


1. Completely new, extensive Tutorial System

The new tutorial helps players fully enjoy the game from the very beginning and systematically explains the depth of The Witcher 2’s combat and gameplay mechanics. It allows gamers to gradually and smoothly immerse themselves in the game world and Geralt’s adventures.

2. Special Dark difficulty setting

The new Dark Mode presents players with a new challenge, the highest level of difficulty where every foe is now a significant challenge requiring careful planning and consideration. Dark Mode also features several new sets of equipment and items all linked together through a dark legend in the game journal. These cursed items harm Geralt so long as the sets remain incomplete, but once the player collects all the components, the Blasphemer’s, Oathbreaker’s and Kinslayer’s outfits provide great advantages in combat. Dark Mode offers dark-themed gear with very high stats such as:

 - 18 new equippable items including

 - 3 new sets of dark armor (light, medium, and heavy)

 - 3 new sets of dark swords (3 silver, 3 steel)

 - Other Dark themes/elements in the game 

3. Completely new arcade-style Arena Mode

Infinitely replayable and progressively more challenging, Arena lets you hone your combat skills and techniques against all the different monster types from the game. Dispatch wave upon wave of progressively more difficult enemies, earning awards that you can use to upgrade abilities, experiment with new weapons and armor, and to test your alchemy skills. Hirelings can also assist you in battle—for a price. Combat waves will continue infinitely until your character is defeated, after which you’ll see a statistical summary of results. Players can share their results with their friends by uploading this summary to the official Witcher forums or to Facebook. Arena Mode includes:

 - New location, with a dynamic, responsive audience reacting to the events

 - A new monster type, Werewolf

 - Waves of different opponents, looped with increasing levels of difficulty

 - 3 different prizes to choose from in each wave

 - 3 new characters (mage, knight, and dwarven fighter) that can serve as allies during clashes

 - A shopkeeper offering gear and enhancements

 - 3 new GUI panels designed specifically for the mode

 - New dialogue

 - New background music

 - New Witcher Forum and Facebook integration

Ok if you want this patch then you can download it from here now .

Enjoy !


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