Samsung NP300E5Z-S01RO Drivers Download List Update

Samsung NP300E5Z-S01RO List with Available Drivers for Download

Compatible with Windows 7 32 and 64 bits or Windows XP 32 or 64 bits

Drivers list for NP300E5Z-S01RO - NP300E5ZH


Chipset                                Driver ready for Download here >

HECI                                    Driver ready for Download here >

Sound                                   Driver ready for Download here >

VGA Video                             Driver ready for Download here >

Wireless                                Driver ready for Download here >

Webcam                                Driver ready for Download here >

Lan                                       Driver ready for Download here >

Bluetooth                               Driver ready for Download here >

Card Reader                           Driver ready for Download here >

Rapid Storage                         Driver ready for Download here >

MCE Update                            Driver ready for Download here >

Latest Opinion for Samsung NP300E5Z-S01RO

I bought the product two weeks ago and am very pleased. Video card and processor are the new generation and do their job properly (in new games can run on the medium in detail above), the battery up to 5 hours if you go to a lower brightness, anti reflective screen works . The keyboard feels a little sensitive, but I think it's just an impression, finishing the edges of plastic Some leaves little to be desired (compared to Dell's facnd from which we came) but the extremely low price offered to do this fairly unimportant .

Pros: battery charged you more

NVidia Optimus system does its job

very easy

Cons: The bottom does not have enough slots in which to pull the air cooler, fan support almost useless  !

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