Boost PC Video games for Free

Hi. You like new games with amazing graphics but your PC or Notebook is a little slow ? Then we suggest to install all apps from bellow list, then play game again and see difference.

Of course if you dont have a good video card this guide is useless to gain magic FPS but is good to avoid errors and stability of your device.


First you need to install some applications :

1. Download and Install latest directx version

2. Download and Install DonNet framework 4

3. Download and Install Microsoft XNA FX

4. Clean up trash from windows and optimize registry - download

5. About antivirus !! You have a good antivirus ? or you dont know ? We recommend to install antivirus and anti-spyware/malware/trojans  free version

6. This operation takes maybe hours for some devices, why because we suggest to defragment your hard driver with this

7. Now play the game to see boost.

Extremely Important !! You need to have installed latest drivers for AMD Radeon to be driver version 12.11 and for Nvidia GeForce to be 310.33 version !! And is very important to know how to uninstall and install updated driver in right way ! see guide here >

All guides and downloads are totaly FREE !

Very important is to update your video drivers !!! Open forum for how to update here !!

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