Skyrim The Jagged Crown Guide

Skyrim The Jagged Crown Guide

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Actualy this guide contains more guides, i mean you will found with this quest "Meet Galmar outside Korvanjund" a shout Dust - Time Slow upgrade and how to open sealed door, and how to open first gate. So remember those :

1. How to Meet Galmar outside Korvanjund

2. How to open Sealed Gate with Ebony Claw when Galmar says : " Galmar: I don`t like the look of this. Perfect spot for an ambush. Ten to one they`re just waiting for us on other side." look at video guide at  min 5:09

3. How to open gate in room when Galmar says : Unblooded, do what you do best. See if you can find some way to get that gate open. min 6:43

4. Location of Shout : Sand - Slow Time min 9:34


Video Gameplay for all those quests/missions

  Video Guide 

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

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