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Test Your Antivirus, Antispyware, Firewall 2011 tutorial

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You are in Antivirus ; Antispyware ; Firewall Testing Page, test you internet security to see if your antivirus or antispyware , firewall function as expected.

Here is a test for your antivirus, but first, if you want to see a videotutorial about this go to video tutorial

First Open Notepad or Worldpad and paste this into it ( without quotes )


Save it as test.com (instead .txt put .com) and you antivirus with real time protection enabled should be able to detect it. If you have disabled the real time protection run a scan for this. Or go here and download this file, or go here and choose a file.

Here is a Tutorial which shows you exactly what to do, and see more antiviruses how is handle with viruses.
antispyware testing
test you antivirus 2011
Enjoy our Tutorials for Beginners and rest.
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Let`s Test your Antispyware to see if works proper or not ! Many antispyware are good, but how many are eficient ? for this upperplace.com/soft exists.

antispyware testing
antispyware test video tutorial

Let`s Test your Firewall to see if u are vulnerable to flood, spam, port scanner atacks!!! Free Firewalls Testing, Comodo Firewall test, Test your ports, how to scan port, windows 7 port scan, windows xp, 98, me, fast port scanner to see if you have any port open.

test your firewall now
firewall test video tutorial


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