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Must Have these software - Music Player Song Bird

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For Music : Sync your music on your PC, smart phone or MP3 player. Listen to streaming audio and Internet radio.

Playlists: Build smart playlists, filter and sort your music instantly.

Downloads: Download and purchase music from popular MP3 sites, including 7digital and Available add-ons accelerate downloads for fast, reliable service.

CD Ripping: Get your tracks from your CD collection to your Songbird music library quickly, with our CD Rip add-on.

Audio formats: Supports MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC, WMA, WAV formats.

For Movies : Video comes to Songbird with crystal clear clarity, and seamless playback, on the go, on supported media players.

Video formats: Supports H.264, Windows Media Video, MPEG4 formats.
Cool stuffs on Song Bird - Manage your media simply and easily with Songbird.
Sync: Sync your Songbird library to and from iTunes. Set up watch folders to keep Songbird in sync as your media changes over time.
Manage media: View and organize media by category such as genre, artist, or album. Edit and view track metadata in various tag formats.
Downloads: Automatically download tracks from the Web directly into Songbird.
Album art: View and add album art.

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