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Comodo Personal Firewall Download Page

Download Comodo Personal Firewall now from our servers

Comodo Personal Firewall is very good, do not consume more resources, is look very good is easy to use and the best part is Free ! 

How To Proper uninstall Comodo Firewall

What new changes are in last version ? What Team says about Comodo Personal Firewall ?

  • NEW! Full IPv6 Support in firewall
  • NEW! Rootkit Scanner - Hidden registry keys, files and folders are detected
  • NEW! 5 skins from COMODO, including a native windows skin
  • IMPROVED! AV database updating - Virus DB size reduced significantly
  • IMPROVED! AV engine - fixed some bugs and added new detection mechanisms
  • IMPROVED! Cloud scanning is enabled by default in manual scanner now
  • IMPROVED! Installer - It now enables/disables windows firewall/defender during the installation/uninstallation
  • FIXED! CIS causes massive amount of entries in windows security audit logs
  • FIXED! AV does not validate the revocation status of the certificates in signed binaries
  • FIXED! BSOD in cmderd.sys



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Comodo Firewall