Nvidia GeForce 525M 1GB vs Nvidia GeForce 410M 512 Mb vs Nvidia GeForce 520M 1GB

Hi Gamers ! This is a guide to help you to decide what type of Notebook to buy , able to play some games not only for internet and applications right ?


Well here i decided to test 3 cards : 

  • Nvidia GeForce 525M 1GB  
  • Nvidia GeForce 410M 512 Mb
  • Nvidia GeForce 520M 1GB

Of Course from first view ...The 525M is Better right ? And is true !

Ok we show you here only games tests, only important games :

Mafia II (low settings)

525M   520M   410M

60 FPS   36 FPS   33 FPS

FIFA 11 (low settings)

525M   520M   410M

350 FPS   228 FPS   188 FPS

Dirt 3 (low settings)

525M   520M   410M

98 FPS   76 FPS   54 FPS

Some tests only for Nvidia GeForce 520M 1GB

Grand Theft Auto IV (low settings)

45 FPS

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim (low settings)

26 FPS

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (low settings)

15 FPS

So , if i want to buy a notebook, i will choose with a Nvidia GeForce 525M 1GB definately.

What about you ?


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