The mysterious problem PC

Question !

The mysterious problem PC

I have a problem with your PC. I struggle a few days to find them a solution.

There goes my video card, does not get signal at all. Have a video card Gigabyte GTX460 NvidiaGeforce SE motherboard Gigabite MA74FM-S2H.

Video card on this motherboard went about a month to mi'a was stolen. I recuperat'o in two weeks and when I pus'o the motherboard did not work, your PC starts with onboard motherboard. I thought it was broken video card, a service where we dat'o mi'au did quote "OpenGL 3D test for 2 hours without problems - the video card working properly." Mi'am turned his attention to the motherboard, I tested it with multiple PCI video cards and motherboard that works acesta.Atat the board video.Am work and tried to give the settings in bios init display first PCI-E, I disabled on the onboard, I reset bios, I did update the BIOS and nothing came like a fight. We tested another video card and motherboard staff works perfectly. Source is a 600W Corsair CX600 has no problems. The board is well placed in the slot, is well supplied with two 6-pin plugs, I checked the voltage on the 6-pin connectors and is ok, I really do not know what they are doing I reached rock bottom, any suggestion is welcome

I tried with a memory card and the other, i combined, I've tried hard, not hard, I moved to different slots no hard drive

I really want to find a solution that is hard to change my motherboard because boards no longer find quality suppliers and DDR2 on AM3 socket and I can not afford to change pads or memory and processor

Answers !

Pay attention to power supply, I happened something like a GTX260. When I reset the game on other computers went. Go to my other cards without problems. Fortron Source 1010W. The problem was that it was fed from two 6-pin PCIE wires coming from the same "branch" and could not give the required amperage. Voltage is good for nothing if not enough power.


You Know other way to solve this ?

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