How to fix memory and cpu usage for laptop Acer TravelMate P633-M

Acer TravelMate P633-M

Acer TravelMate P633-M The computer usage is constantly at 50 - 60 - 75% any time


I have no programs opened and the memory and cpu are highly used !

My computer is used almost the time at 90%

No programs opened and is still very used !

How can i fix this ? cpu 100% memory 100% ??

Only desktop without any applications and is 70% used ?

Acer TravelMate P633-M

You have this problem too ?

Acer TravelMate P633-M

Well for this problem, we have a fix. (we hope)

First : You have any antivirus installed ? if yes and is other than Eset Smart Security, we advice you to try it here , after uninstall your curent antivirus for Acer TravelMate P633-M.

All right, if you scanned your computer with eset , and problem is not fixed, then try second method for Acer TravelMate P633-M.

Second : Download and install this software , is called Security Task Manager, this software is also a virus, trojan, worms, loggers etc for Acer TravelMate P633-M.

How to use task manager to fix memory or cpu usage :

1. Open the software and select CPU.

(automaticaly highest cpu utilization will be first)

Acer TravelMate P633-M

We recommend to uninstall that software that consume your processor too much or delete it to free cpu usage

Second thing is to free RAM Memory for Acer TravelMate P633-M

(also automaticaly high memory usage program will be in first row)

Acer TravelMate P633-M

Uninstall the highest memory consumer for Acer TravelMate P633-M

But with this software you can see what processes are consume your resources

But , maybe you know a better answer ?

Acer TravelMate P633-M


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