How to copy entire Hard Disk to other HDD New with all informations

This guide is for people that want to copy old Hard Disk to a new Hard Disk , or only partitions, Free Method Guide

First thing to do is : Your new hardware is available in My Computer ?? if is not available and you not see it , then you need to follow this guide first.

1. Go to Control Panel and Select Administrative Tools

View by : Large Icons in right corner

Now select Computer Management

Now select Disk Management

Here is the Problem, so be very careful at next steps OK ?

Here in bottom of page are your hard disks and CD/DVD`s so you can see, the cd.dvd have cd icon and HDD have other enlarge window to see exactly what you have.

Now look for Unallocated Disk ..see example here

You see ? those 45 Gb are unallocated for me, but in you case will be other displayed and now what is needed to to is to right click on unallocated disk and create new simple volume and after steps , your new hard disk will be visible on windows explorer for sure and you can now copy on him what do you need , with this software from here .


Good Luck and Enjoy !

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