Renault Koleos Facelift

Renault Koleos Facelift

French SUV gets a new look

It's official. One of the ugliest SUV ever, Renault Koleos, plans to ruin our beautiful Thursday with an appearance that probably will not be forgotten anytime soon.

But what is it? Specifically, the SUV was the French manufacturer has recently undergone an upgrade specifically known as the facelift the automotive world. If you do not know what about, facelift happens when a car turned some three to four years after its launch, and customers have become too smart for it purchased. As a result, it will feel like a change, and eventually will lead to the appearance of a facelift. In the case of Renault Koleos But even this operation can not save. Although we could say is a step forward.

In terms of aesthetic, facelift version of the SUV with the French now enjoy a slightly revised design, the main change being represented by new chrome front grille, which reminds us of limousine Latitude. Another important aspect is given by the lights slightly redesigned, while the headlights have been entirely a new form. Also, no spoilers front / rear did not escape untouched, the new Renault Koleos is now praising Facelift and the appearance of a new exterior colors - one named ... Cayenne Orange. Seriously?

Nerezistand temptation to take a look inside, we find that we have no photo of it. In fact, a single image reveals a piece of the center console, from which we can see that it remained almost unchanged. But if we are to believe the French manufacturer, we find that increased quality materials, light instrument cluster has evolved and new upholstery and trim will add an extra dose of elegance and refinement.

Short on two new Renault Koleos will be brother and forest, will receive a range of engines consists of multiple efficient engines. More specifically, according to market that will be sold, facelift version of the SUV will be available with a French 2.0-liter diesel unit - 150 or 175 horsepower, while fans will have petrol engines available a 2.5-liter engine and 170 horsepower. Most likely, the first contact between the new Koleos and the general public will be held this autumn at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011.

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