Swelling in the chest

Swelling in the chest

Hello For the last two months I noticed that on the sternum 1-2 cm in my chest there was a hillock with a walnut or smaller size does not hurt, but it bothers me. So far I have not been to the doctor Thanks!


It might be a hair grew fat on the inside or confined, as my husband has one just below the sternum and one at the base of the spine (on it to operate), the sub Stern was not necessary (yet) surgeon told him that if it is not operating.


Do not take any treatment. must constantly watch and if there are changes (increase, swell, hurt, etc.) must return to the doctor. The column was based on cyst pilodial and it was about 10 years, but began to maturation, was lucky that I broke out and the infection could have come out otherwise serious problems, for it has not received any treatment, only three days after surgery

The under the breastbone, July is when it comes to hard and mobile fingers, really do not know how he said it is called.

Mrs. Vale advise you to go to a quiet and safe control to a dermatologist as you are told and July (which has serious medical knowledge) or to surgery. It may not be something serious, but better prevented.

or anwers from a doctor

It may be a lipoma or an epigastric hernia.

These two problems can be solved only surgical ..

Feel Free to give the right answer (if these are not enough or bad)


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