Stomach nerves or stress

Stomach nerves or stress



Question ->> I have a problem that gives me no peace. I had gastritis while ago, I treated her and then I managed to keep under control through a healthy diet avoiding all those it harms. Lately I have some strange little state and gastritis do not know if all that I worry or is a state of stress accumulated over time ...

Happens to me (every day last week) I wake up very fine. Then, in 15-20 minutes as I squeeze your stomach feel as if I include a state of panic. Begin to sweat, feel that there is no air in the room behind me burns. Sometimes I have chills. It appears then that if vomiting gastritis, but I paid only ball several times. Keeps me state a few hours. I struggle to eat something, because I was struggling a terrible hunger (which is not the greatest in combination with a faptulc I feel like throwing up and the empty bread).

Afternoon already are ok in the evening eat normally. I had a difficult period in recent months and I think the reason it is not stress. I know that you should seek advice from an expert, but I tired to walk the hospitals, to give over the same disinterest, other drugs ... Especially since I have not got than pills or herbal teas. The last "treatment" was redigest and then 2 weeks of cold soak with calamus, which are for gastritis, ulcers, etc..

I want to know if anyone has gone through similar feelings, my back burns put thoughts in particular. How can I stop this state of anxiety - I'm me like it is ...

Thank you very much for your time.


Answer ->> Dear Madam, if that proves to be a physiological cause, especially gender gastritis or ulcers, can tell you as soon as the realm of medical discoveries indicate that these diseases are caused by a bacterium that can get away with specific antibiotic. Discovery for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize a few years ago.

In other news, if besides all this anxiety and especially during about accuracy will make you think of a psychological feeling, considering that you have recently crossed a difficult period, it would be advisable to presented to a therapist to find the solution for a better future state.

It's good that you ask questions about you, but that is not enough, we must and do something for you.

You say, I had a difficult period in recent months and I think the reason it is not stress. I know that you should seek advice from a specialist,

Already know what to do, only have to listen to your soul.

Yes, in most cases, gastritis has a cause emotional stress that is that you did not know how to rapotezi, act, repressed emotions, disbelief, frustration, anger, etc..

I recommend finding a therapist experienced in your town and start individual therapy that will help you understand how to manage feelings of discomfort inside to get along better.

I wish you luck. and success,

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