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Question ->> I can not understand why I get angry when you sweat very much, what can I do?

Answer ->> Emotions, stress, anxiety may increase sweating, but they're causing. When a person gets angry, the body is eliminated a number of hormones that increase blood pressure, pulse and body temperature, leading eventually to excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). Anxiety and anger often arise because of sweat for no reason.

Sweat a lot

Question ->> how to get rid of excessive sweating in armpits any factor?

Hello! are crazy and do not know what to do for. This excessive sweating in the armpit at all times in every minute I'm wet armpits. I tried all sorts of sprays and rollon sites but does not go with anything.

Please help me to reduce sweat even if you can not treat. Thank you in advance.

Answer ->> You must always laugh or you waxing. As I use Dove deodorant, deodorant solid. I soaked in the arm, as many people, but I wear with blouses cut under his arm, chimonouri, sleeveless tops and try to keep hands away from your body. When port sleeve shirt, dark colors prefer not to see if sweat. I do not think there are ways to annihilate for sweating. Being hot is normal.

Here treatment f.f. eficient tried one natural and personal.

A capsule of SAGE (SALVIE) daily without side effects, easy to administer and effective.

Sweat and Smell

Question ->> For several days I f something bad happens: When I started to sweat odor, a pungent odor, it never happened and I do not know ce.Poate be due to stress?

Answer ->> Ammonia is a substance with a pungent odor, and is one of the products of the decomposition of uric acid. Uric acid is in turn derived from proteins in the body burning. Proteins are first "bricks" from which our body is built, on the other hand are a source of energy, as well as carbohydrates and lipids.

Excess protein in the diet can cause on the one hand smell of sweat harder because of the uric acid, on the other hand can cause formation of kidney stones or gout - uric acid crystals or salts of oxalic acid that form in the urine - kidney stones or joints - gout.

A diet based on fruits and vegetables clean the blood, helps to eliminate salts of these acids in the body brings a healthy intake of vitamins and minerals, and so on.

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