Norwegian government crisis meeting after the attacks of Oslo region

Norwegian government crisis meeting after the attacks of Oslo region


The Norwegian Government is organizing a crisis meeting on Friday evening, after two attacks committed in Oslo region, according to Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said on NRK public television.

"Many ministers will meet Friday evening," Stoltenberg said, adding that he will meet with leaders of political parties on Saturday.

At least 11 people were killed in two terrorist attacks committed on Friday night in Oslo region.

Norwegian police announced that it has reason to believe that bombing and armed attack from Oslo committed to summer school Norwegian Labour Youth were coordinated.

At least seven people died and dozens were injured, two were in serious condition following the blast Friday near government buildings in downtown Oslo. The explosion, which was probably caused by a car bomb, occurred in an area where many government buildings, including the Prime Minister.

According to newspaper Aftenposten broadcast images, detonations caused considerable damage, breaking windows Office Prime Minister's office and other government buildings and offices. Also, windows were broken and office building which houses the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang.

In another incident, a man dressed as police opened fire Friday during a meeting of youth from Norwegian Labour Party, on an island on the outskirts of Oslo, at least four people were killed. Armed incident took place on Utoya Island, where Friday was to be Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg today. Pyrotechnic teams looking for explosive devices on the island where about 560 people, including many teenagers attending summer school Labour Party (Ap), Prime Minister Stoltenberg.

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