Black boxes of crashed aircraft in Smolensk have been no failure

Black boxes of crashed aircraft in Smolensk have been no failure


Aircraft black boxes of President Lech Kaczynski, who collapsed on April 10, 2010 near Smolensk in Russia have been no technical failure of the aircraft, the Polish Military Prosecutor's Office announced Tuesday.

"No information on any technical anomaly was not recorded by cameras onboard," said a spokesman for the Prosecutor's Office, Ireneusz Szlag that the media presented a summary of the analysis of the three black boxes, which recorded conversations and technical parameters of the flight .

Tupolev-154 plane type crashed while trying to land near Smolensk, in fog. All 96 occupants, including President Kaczynski, his wife and numerous high-ranking Polish officials have died in the disaster.

Chief Military Prosecutor, Krzysztof Parulski, announced Tuesday that, against Polish troops will be made "counts", refusing to provide other details.

According to sources close to the investigation, if they were responsible for organizing the presidential flight training and military pilots.

Parulski refused to cite a date for completion of the investigation prosecution.

Polish a government commission, investigating the causes of disaster, without commenting on responsibilities is to publish its report until the weekend.

The Russian side, the final report of the Intergovernmental Committee for Aviation (MAK), published in January, attributed the accident to Poland full responsibility. This report was described as "incomplete" by the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

Conservative party Law and Justice (PiS, opposition) led by Jarolslaw Kaczynski, twin brother of former President, accused Russia that is "primarily responsible" for this catastrophe because of "fake testimony" of air traffic controllers, who " misled "the presidential aircraft pilots.

The Polish delegation on a visit go to Katina, near Smolensk, to attend the ceremony marking the 70th anniversary of the massacre of thousands of Polish officers by the NKVD executed there, Joseph Stalin's political police.

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