Balance attacks in Oslo increased to at least 91 dead - Photo and Video

Balance attacks in Oslo increased to at least 91 dead - Photo & Video


The two attacks committed on Friday in Oslo and Utoeya island near the capital have resulted in at least 91 dead, according to a new police interim report, delivered Saturday. At least 84 people were killed in armed attack on Labour Youth Summer School on the island Utoeya and another seven were killed in a bomb explosion in downtown, where the Norwegian ministries.

Saturday morning, police in Oslo said that the army and police will strengthen security around the buildings and institutions could be threatened after the double attack, the bloodiest in Europe since the attacks of 11 March 2004 in Madrid, resulting in 191 dead and nearly 2,000 wounded and al-Qaeda claimed on behalf of a radical Islamist cell.

Police said on Friday it arrested a suspect, a Norwegian 32-year-old.

Suspicious items posted on the Internet suggests that it "has some political orientations and antimusulmane tilts to the right, but it is too early to say if this was a reason for his gesture," said Police Commissioner Sveinung Sponheim for public broadcaster television NRK.

According to TV2 television, the suspect is close to the average of extreme-right and have two guns registered in his name, including an automatic rifle. This information has not been confirmed by police, who also refused to confirm the identity of the suspect, circulated in the press.

The explosion of one or two powerful bombs near government headquarters and Norwegian armed attack on an island in the surroundings of Oslo seem to be a concentrated attack to hit the Scandinavian kingdom in his heart.

Explosives were found on the island actively Utoeya, where the suspect opened fire on the summer school participants in the youth organization of the Labour Party, in power in Norway, said Commissioner Sponheim.

The suspect was wearing a sweater with logo engraved police when he was arrested after the attack, but he has never worked for this commissioner.

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