A strong earthquake of magnitude 6.5 occurred in northeastern Japan Saturday

july 23 2011

A strong earthquake of magnitude 6.5 occurred in northeastern Japan Saturday, without causing damage and no tsunami alert trigger.


The quake occurred at 1.34 local time (7.34, time), off the coast of Miyagi prefecture, which was devastated by the earthquake followed by tsunami on 11 March, announced the American Institute of Geophysics (USGS).

According to Japanese geologists, the earthquake was magnitude 6.5.

Earthquake epicenter was located 125 kilometers northeast of the city of Sendai, the capital of the prefecture at a depth of 35.7 kilometers, according to USGS.

The earthquake caused no damage to the plant in November Fukushima Daiichi, severely damaged by the earthquake of 11 March, TEPCO said operator.

So far there were no reported casualties or damage. In turn, the monitoring center for tsunamis in the Pacific said in a statement that there is no "threat of major and destructive tsunami."

Tohoku Shinkansen high-speed trains were temporarily stopped, but traffic resumed shortly.

Japan was affected on 11 March by the most violent earthquake recorded in its territory, with a magnitude 9, followed by a gigantic tsunami, which resulted in at least 21,000 dead and missing, according to the most recent balance sheet.

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