Remedies for swollen eyes

Remedies for swollen eyes


Regardless of age or sex, swollen eyes are a problem that is increasingly more often with age because the skin loses its elasticity

Swollen eyes can be the result of a genetic or an unhealthy lifestyle. In the second case, the problem of puffy eyes can be resolved relatively easily by adopting a balanced lifestyle.

Sleep is very important in addressing this problem. After several hours at the computer or TV, your eyes get tired and most likely will swell. A seven or eight hours sleep is the most effective treatment cosmetic skin problems and the elimination bags formed under the eyes.

A balanced diet provides the body's natural ingredients it needs to operate at optimal parameters for the skin, including around the eyes, to be hydrated and elastic. Eat fruits and vegetables every day so that your body receives the necessary minerals and vitamins that are essential in maintaining healthy skin. If you have regular problems with swollen eyes, eat foods rich in potassium, such as tomatoes, cucumbers and watermelon.

Also, you should give up alcohol and cigarettes and reduce the amount of salt you eat. These three factors contribute to skin damage, promotes wrinkles, the bags under the eyes and dark circles.

A very good remedy to get rid of bags under the eyes is cucumbers. Place two slices of cucumber on the eyelids cold and let it stand for 20 minutes. Cucumbers are effective in combating dark circles.

On the other hand and cold green tea bags are a way to get rid of bags under eyes and dark circles. Green tea acts as a natural anti-inflammatory skin immediately looks and plays beautifully. Tea bags continues the water, remove, squeeze slightly and then sticks two minutes in the freezer, then remove and apply on the eyelids, which have remained about five minutes.

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