Lung cancer can be detected by dogs with an accuracy of over 70%

Lung cancer can be detected by dogs with an accuracy of over 70%


Dogs may be used to identify people suffering from lung cancer, according to a study published in European Respiratory Journal. German scientists at the Hospital Schillerhoehe argue that these animals can detect cancerous tumors, with the sense of smell, with an accuracy of 71%.

However, scientists do not know which identifies chemical sniffing dogs so that they can not yet developed a screening program.

They tested three groups of patients, of which 110 were healthy volunteers, 60 people suffering from lung cancer and 50 were diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Subjects had to expire in a tube to absorb odor. Subsequently, the tubes were sniffed by dogs, who sat in front of those who were detected as suffering from lung cancer, informs BBC. help from dogs, detect lung cancer soon by dogs, new discover in lung cancer, loans, new chance

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