Life without Legs

How is life without Legs



Life without Legs !

I have a friend born in year 1978 in Romania and I want to do something good, and I thought that if I have this site, post here and can issue are people who want to help.

Why be helped?

For this friend, he lost both legs in an accident in 2001 This friend has prostheses, but extremely difficult to move them. and lives in a house with about 15 steps all quite high and is very very hard to to descend and ascend them.

This problem can be solved, if moving to an apartment and live downstairs, well this is too expenssive and hard to comply but can deal with mounting Elevator...but it is extremely expensive.

The second problem is his health know that man does not move too much, is sick and to move or walk through nature is difficult because the place where he lives is actually a ring road very circulated without pedestrian crossings and holes.

The third problem is that the anus is against nature and has a colostomy bag and can not do a surgery because will fail.From the retirement home receives 30 bags per month but are not enough because it has a lot of irritation with blood and should be changed 2 a day.

One bag costs about 30 euros so This price is inhuman !!

The fourth problem is actually solving several problems. It is understood that the house must move to the bathroom, or kitchen, with the seat for disability and the bathroom has no running water to wash colostomy surgery no longer be forced to change every two bags per day.

The fifth issue, I do not want to say more because are too many but would be every four years must change prostheses and the state pays about 75% of the prostheses. Why ? because Why? because the state pays for prostheses, vacuum type, and he needs to silicone can resist them more than an hour without doing harm (blood) because of many injuries in the accident is where he prostheses.

Is pointless to add anything to this man's difficulties?

You dont know how to donate ? First you need to have a email adress and a credit card

If you dont have email go and after you create email go and create a new account and pay with your credit card through paypal website is very safe.

For those who want more information, documents to be true, contact this email 

If you want to help this man then you can donate



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