Dell i5758-2857BLK brightness issue fix guide - Make your screen brighter solution

Dell i5758-2857BLK brightness solution


Dell i5758-2857BLK brightness fix. First thing to do is to download latest graphics driver from here for built in video card and then follow our tutorial step by step.

  Download More for Dell i5758-2857BLK 

Note ! Do not forget to download and install latest video graphics driver first ! The driver also will improve youtube videos spikes and stuttering, video games stuttering and also can fix your brightness issue.

1. Press to open Start Menu from left (or press Windows key)

2. Now type power in search box

3. Select Choose a power plan

4. Move that slider to right for more brightness or to left for less brightness

It is done.

Here is our screenshot:

Dell i5758-2857BLK brightness issue fix guide - Make your screen brighter solution

Also by installing new video vga graphics driver, you can play video games better than before and even youtube or facebook will be better rendered ! So download and install graphics driver to improve your laptop performance and stability

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Dell i5758-2857BLK

Dell i5758-2857BLK Created by: Sorin Upperplace


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