Why men cheat

Why men cheat. Researchers say "chip does not jump far from the tree"

Infidelity is a genetic issue, and the probability that a man to deceive his wife is higher if his father was unfaithful, according to the study of Czech researchers.

According to this research, infidelity is genetic, at least in what concerns men, inform dailymail.co.uk.

The study, which confirms the old saying "chip does not jump far from the tree," concluded that, although both women and men have extramarital affairs, men have more probabilities to be unfaithful if their fathers were unfaithful during their childhood and adolescence .

Jan Havlicek of Charles University / Univerzita Karlova in Prague, who led the study, said at a conference of the European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association, that girls are affected equally by infidelity mothers.

Havlicek said that boys grow up seeing the world around them what is right and what can be wrong without incurring consequences. Their fathers were an obvious example of a good or bad behavior.

The study involved 86 couples. Researchers have questioned individual men and women in relation to attitudes toward sex, family history and their infidelities.

March Hasleton, a psychologist at the University of California at Los Angeles, says that daughters do not seem as affected as compared with boys, the father's infidelity has a genetic explanation. She says the handsome fathers have higher probabilities of having beautiful children, and they have more opportunities to cheat. However, attractive daughters born to mothers behave differently attractive. "Girls do not have the most attractive high probability of being unfaithful - perhaps they will seek to start a partner with high quality," explains this.

Women and men looking for different things in a relationship, so use their pleasant appearance in different ways - men for a sexual variation, and women to find the best possible partner, but also a father right for their children.

Czech study emphasizes the idea that men are more motivated sexual adventures than those of women.

Havlicek and his team found that the probability that a man is unfaithful because her father was unfaithful is not influenced by satisfaction of the relationship. Men tend to have affairs because they want sex and a greater number of sexual partners / sexual partners and not because they were tired of husbands, he says.

However, women have higher probability of cheating if they are unhappy in some aspects of their relationship. Havlicek believes that women are involved in the quest to find a new partner. 

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