Home working ideas to work from your Computer or Notebook

Earn Money home from your PC / Notebook / Laptop is a good idea ?

This tutorial is how to earn money with your computer with a internet connection.

Basics  ( what is about )

Well this is about Advertising money to win and are a lot of $ in this industry.

What you need to start this personal business ?

1. You need a website 2. You need a lot of time to spend.

You have these two ? well you can start working then. You need about 57 $ to pay for a very good hosting or 27 for a weak hosting. We strongly recommend to use best hosting with 57 $ because is fast and easy to use , but is fast.

1. Ok now make here any account for best hosting or

2. Make here account on weak hosting 


We must say that ! weak account not means is bad host or something , but best hosting is very good and is the best at this price.

All right you have a website right  ? well now start making articles for 1 month ..how many you can and then after 1 month of activity and work make account here.

Note. is not need to know to write codes or some high school , because to make a website including desing are included in hosting package and is easy to build one like a strategy game.

Is good to decide a target content on your site for example news. If you want to make news website then find a name asociated with news and post news on him.

Very easy and friendly interface is to use wordpress desing (you will find in hosting pack)

Important. I say 1 month because in one month you will learn many things and your website will be accepted by adsense.

After you have may "news" posted then google will start to index your site and then you can place ads on your website and earn money.

Start Earn Money now

If you want to say something we have comments area but in your comment please specify product of your discussion or your comment will be automaticaly ignored !

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